Weather it's Alternative Power, Back-Up Power or a Hybrid Power System.
This book lays out the truth about those $40,000 grid tie solar power systems, and why you DO NOT want one.

You could spend $90,000 for a grid tie Solar Power System and still be in the dark when you lose power.

It is all layed out in black & white what you can expect as a payment from the power company for selling your extra power back to your local power company.

The ugly truth it's all here.
The case FOR home 12 volt DC power systems is laid out with all the pros and cons of 12 volt and grid tie power systems for your home. The truth is you can buy lots of devices that are 12 volt just look in any major truck stop and you will see everything from 12 volt electric blankets, coffee pots, pop corn cookers, 12 volt pots and pans even a 12 volt heater, TV, DVD player, 12 volt refrigerators they even have 12 volt Evaporative (swamp) coolers. All of these devices you can easily use in your home, IF you have 12 volt power.