How to easily install a small to mid size Solar Power and Wind Power Generation System

You do not need $10,000 - $20,000 or more to install a solar power system, you can have a nice 12 volt system from $1,000, $2,000 + Using 12 volt for all your low power needs. You can easily and cheaply cut your grid power bill by 1/2 to 2/3.
And you to can have power to spare when the grid goes down.

I learned a long time ago, that if remote Cabins, Trucks, RV's, Boats, Houseboats, Sailboats etc. can make, use and store 12 volt power and use 12 volt power exclusively than why can't you do the same with a home? That question led to what you see here.

(Lots of large photos included


We show you how to install, make and store your own 12 volt power

We show you the best Safe Batteries you can use Indoors, where to buy cheap solar panels, where to buy the best Charge Controllers etc.
And we show you how to make tons of FREE HOT WATER from your 12 volt system, Imagine FREE Hot Water from your normally (WASTED) energy from your 12 volt system?

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How to Install a Small to Mid Size Solar Power and Wind Power Generation System
and you to can be GRID FREE
By T. M. Lamb


Be Your Own Power Company
and Make Your Own Super Cheap Power

Weather you want Emergency lighting, Survival Lighting or just to help reduce your grid power bill this system can do it all. And we show you how.

I have an ALL Electric 4 bedroom home in the city, with 3 kids who all have big color TV’s, DVD Players, game consoles etc. plus a 220 volt hot water heater, heat and air-conditioning and a refrigerator with a huge chest freezer.

My smallest power bill was $47.00 for a month, my average bill runs about $100.00. I have almost my whole home wired for 12 volt DC LED lights (3 watt & 6 watt each), inside, outside and in my basement and the garage. On cold winter nights my wife and I use a 12 volt electric blanket to keep cozy warm and on hot summer days we use a 12 volt Evaporative “swamp” cooler to help keep us cool.

I have a 12 volt refrigerator, 12 volt pots and pans, a 12 volt coffee pot, 12 volt fans, 12 volt heater, 12 volt alarm clock, 12 volt powered 3000 watt inverter to power my sump pump when needed. You can even buy a 12 volt TV and DVD player. I have over 50 LED lights inside and outside my home but only about 10 to 12 lights are ever on at the same time.

You can find a lot of these 12 volt devices at most truck stops or on Ebay. You would be amazed at the items you can buy that are 12 volt. I even have an Aquaponics set up in my back yard that is powered by 12 volt (for the water pumps and the air pumps). And all my yard lights, pool lights, out-building and garage lights are all 12 volt.

These systems are easy to install and will last many years. On Ebay the solar panels have come down in price quite a bit. A typical 100 watt panel can be found as factory seconds, blemished with full warranty for $50 each including shipping but typically these panels cost about $100.00 (including shipping).

Weather you want only Emergency lighting, Survival Lighting or just to help reduce your grid power bill this system can do it all.

Just one of your typical home light bulbs use 60 to 75 watts of power (per light bulb). A typical home will have 3 to 4 lights in the kitchen, 3 to 4 lights in the dining room and 3 to 4 lights in the living room for a total of 900 watts. I cut my lighting bill to about 1/30th for these three rooms alone.
I typically run ALL my kitchen lights, dining room lights and living room lights under 30 watts (TOTAL) using the new modern High Output LED 12 volt light bulbs and we have lots of light. And I show you how I did all this.

What your local power company DON'T want you to know IS IF the grid goes down, your Grid Tie Power Supply shuts down as well. So in the event you lose grid power you also lose ALL power and can NOT make power for YOU to use independent of your grid. The reason is your local power company controls your power production and when their grid goes down they can not have you putting power into a downed system (until it's repaired). So your power is controled by your local power company (NOT you). This is what you get for your $20,000 to $40,000. grid tie system.

This system is a Hybred system independent of your local power company. So if and when your grid power goes down you are still making lots of usable power for YOU TO USE! You can use it along with your grid power to supliment your expensive grid power thus reducing your power bill. So don't find yourself setting in the dark waiting for your grid power to return so you can have power.

When I lose power at my home I have to look at the street light across the street to see IF I have lost grid power, we have no other way of telling IF our Grid Power is ON or OFF at my home.

I DO NOT live in a cabin in the woods, I have a 4 bedroom home in a small town in Arkansas (in the city). Anyone can do this as long as you own your own home.

Using/Installing Solar Panels plus info on Wind Power Tower Installation, we show you how to set up your wind turbine tower cheap at your home, with out guy wires and you can still safely reach a height of 30 feet or better.

Most people think that solar and wind power is only used to power huge inverters to attach to the power grid and feed extra power back into the grid. Or power your home grid system through inverters to run your home on 120 volts. Well yes you can do this IF you have thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars to spend. How much these systems cost? $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 how much money you got should be the question.

Solar panels on ebay are now at an all time low, a single 100 watt panel that back in the 90's cost $595.00 now cost $91.00 including shipping, and I saw someone selling factory seconds (with cosmetic issues with full power, still under factory warranty) for $50 each. That means you could buy 5 - 100 watt panels for $250.00 WOW what a deal.

WHY would anyone pay $300, $400 even $500 a month for grid power? WHY???

Their are home made kits/plans being sold on ebay for home built wind turbines and solar panel plans and kits that are little more than science projects and are NOT intended or designed to power anything substantial or otherwise power anything useful in your home. At the most these devices can ONLY power one dim LED light. These plans and kits are only intended as science projects and nothing else. My plans are a proven way to make your own usable power that can save you tons of money on your grid power bill and IF and WHEN you lose power you would have a considerate power source to power useful items you will need.
Several years ago I bought wind turbine plans on ebay and what I got was plans on how to build a wind turbine from a two liter soda bottle. Now, I ask you; How do you power your home using a two liter soda bottle wind turbine? You can't so don't be fooled.

Which way does your power meter run on your home? Mine don't run backwards but sometimes it does stop for long periods of time.

I show you how to live quite well on 12 volts with all or 90% of your lights on 12 volt with power to spare to run TV, DVD, fans, 12 volt electric blankets and much more. So you too will have to look at the street light across the street to see IF you have grid power OR NOT.

Most people don’t even think or realize how much you can do with 12 volt power.

I have 98% of all the lights inside and outside my home are 12 volt LED’s. Most of my LED lights use only 3 watts or 6 watts of power. I have over 50 LED lights inside and outside my home, but only about 10 to 12 of these lights are ever on at the same time
I have a 12 volt Evaporative (swamp) Cooler to cool my home on hot summer days.
I have a 12 volt coffee pot to make my coffee in the morning and I wake up with a 12 volt alarm clock.
I have 12 volt electric blankets in my home I use on cold winter nights to keep me and my wife toasty warm.
I have several 12 volt fans and 12 volt water pumps for my Aquaponics system.
I have a 12 volt refrigerator you can buy at about any truck stop and it works great.
I can even make hot water with my 12 volt power system.
With a small inverter I can charge my cordless power tools.
I do use a 3000 watt inverter, that is dedicated to power my sump pump (if it’s needed), that is the only thing I use that inverter for. Everything else is 12 volt.
You too can live on 12 volt power just as I do. I live in an all electric home with 3 teenagers who all have their own big TV’s, video games etc. I have electric hot water heater a huge chest freezer, electric heat and air, electric cook stove and my smallest grid power bill was $47.00 and then $68.00
How much was your Electric Bill last month???
Don't you think it's time to start supplementing that expensive and increasingly undependable grid power for some 12 volt power?

A lot of talk lately about a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the sun striking earth and wiping out all our electronics and all our modern technology and our Grid Power.
Also a lot of talk about an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) set off by a high altitude nuclear detonation would do the same damage as a CME wiping out almost ALL our modern technologies and our Grid Power.

What will happen IF we are hit by either a CME or an EMP. Well for starters your cars will not run except for the older cars before they were computer controlled. No TV, No radio, No cell phones, NO electric grid power, No water, No heat or air in your home, No sewage, it will not go down, as the pumps at the sewer dept. will not be working. No grocery stores open, No gas stations open, No 911 calls, NOTHING -NOTHING. (Not even your can opener will work) Be prepared Also for a terrorist attack, we have been hearing on the news lately how terrorist can take down our generating plants and the grid by a 14 year old boy with a 10 year old laptop in a motel room in Baghdad. (IT'S THAT BAD)

So prepare for all kinds of power outages, start today to keep you and your family safe and with power. If that were to happen you would be very thankful for your 12 volt system making you usable power at least you and your family would NOT be in the dark.

I show you how to wire your home for 12 volt. I also show you how to use 110 volt light fixtures for your 12 volt lights and save a ton on buying 12 volt fixtures plus I will show you how to convert 110 volt table lamps into 12 volt table lamps for next to nothing.

The best thing about this system is as you build and use it, you will notice your grid power bill go down and down and down every month.

Copyright 2015 by T. M. Lamb, All Rights Reserved

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